Monday, July 22, 2013

His Birthday Surprise vs Mine

I was not exposed to birthday surprises in recent years. Hence I didn't expect any this year since Incik Pensyarah said he mightn't be able to celebrate due to his rigorous work schedule. So yeah, it's fine with me. Really. 

May 2, 2013: My parents asked me to go out to dinner to celebrate my birthday. It sounds bizarre to me because they normally DON'T ask me, they TAKE me out for birthday dinner. I have the urge to decline their will because I felt very drowsy. And to stay up till 12 midnight? I really don't think I can afford it. However, as a dutiful daughter, yes, "I'm going!"

I fell asleep on our way to the restaurant and barely open my eyes even when we were sat at the table. And the second, I saw a guy held a cake and walked towards me singing Happy Birthday song. I was like, "OMG, it's him!!" Well then my eyes were wide open. lol

Apparently, Incik Pensyarah was in Langkawi since the day before and he has planned the birthday surprise with my parents over the last few weeks. I never knew my parents are really good at acting! They played their role so well. But Abah said, he once about to spill the beans. Lucky him that I didn't notice it. hahaha.

I can't deny that Incik Pensyarah is effin' good in making surprise. It was a great day especially to have him around during my birthday - priceless. I love you, hun.

While in my case, things happened differently. It turned out, not-so-surprise birthday party. Ugh!

The idea was, his friends will help me to set a meeting with Incik Pensyarah to come and join them break fast together and he'll be surprised by my presence! And based on my calculation, I'll get my payment a month before Incik Pensyarah's birthday. So, there's plenty of time for me to plan and arrange it accordingly. Alas, I received the payment just a few days before his birthday! Even though I have little time, the plan still need to be carried out.

I managed to get his friends to help me out and told them that we have to make it two days earlier before his birthday. Reason is, I'm working on Sunday. 

July 12: Shopping in Alamanda for Incik Pensyarah's birthday present whilst his friends try to arrange the meeting. And guess what? Incik Pensyarah can't make it up because he has another plan with other friend! NOOOO!! 

Woe is me, I don't have his 'other' friend, Tomok's number. The only access is FB message which is so ineffectual. -__- I got my brother to nail down this for me because Tomok is their (Abang & Incik Pensyarah) friend.

Meantime, Aida & I off to UiTM Puncak Alam because Incik Pensyarah still has class at 3 - 5 PM. That was the last resolution to acknowledge him that I was there to celebrate his birthday!  T__T

So yeah, we finally pulled it off and surprised him at the side of the road, in front of UiTM security guard entrance. haha! Can you believe it? Notwithstanding, Incik Pensyarah was still surprised by my presence! I can see tears welled up in his eyes. ;)

We went to The Apartment Restaurant at The Curve to break fast with his friends. And the cake? He knew it. He even asked for it, "Where's my cake?" FAIL!