Saturday, July 21, 2012


Assalam and haie dolls!!

Wishing you a very happy and peaceful Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Today is 1st Ramadhan and I hope everything goes well for you guys.

I know I haven't blog for quite some time. I push maself so hard towards working, everyday, every 18 hours. Working is a need, business is my passion. Am doing both in the same day. And it's real tough.  

I have my own goal and problem with me, I just can't stop 'til I reach them. -_-

Mother's Day pown I sempat beli kek with a simple celebration je cos we both are too busy.

We both working together. =DD 
Yet, I sempat lg wt surprise.

And yeah, someone's off the market - Puan Mastura. Sorry madam, you are out of this hot-chicks-club. teheee~

May you have blissful marriage dear.  Ameen.

In the midst of my craziness-busy-time, I had a visit from a good friend, Wan. What a surprise! He came all the way from Shah Alam and I'm so touched! Every places we went to; were on him. How sweet! ;)

It was great sunny day until we got up at top of Bukit Mat Chincang by cable car. Funny is, we could only stayed about 15 mins then the weather changed to windy. And the next few minutes it'd turned to heavy rain. Thank God we managed to go down  before got stuck. pheeeewwww~

Anyway, am no more in BBM cos I've deactivated my BIS. Simply because I have new phone and it's from Mama, a birthday present I believe. xD

Thanks Ma!! Love you mucho!! 

And business? Alhamdulillah, everything goes well and great every day. We're so blessed. In sya Allah, after Raya we're gonna launch our boutique. Pray for us loves. 

Have our lunch at Old Town before survey the stock

Abah penat jalan-jalan sampai duduk dlm butik owg.

Bored-brothers are playing games. 

Sister's way. Ahakz!
Shopping and redeem the bags!

Shopping again. 

Bored again. 

went to IKEA searched for furniture and the idea for new house concept. 

I love this kitchen concept!
Went back to Langkawi

Some of the handbags for sale!

I've still got lots to share but at the moment I can't promise u anything for the next update. My schedule is too tight. Sigh. But I'll try my best aite?!

So long angels.