Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hajat yang terlaksana

Sebagai seorang Muslim memang telah menjadi impian masing-masing untuk menunaikan haji.  Bukan sekadar impian tapi ia adalah rukun Islam yang kelima wajib ditunaikan bagi yang mampu. Mama Abah jugak tidak terlepas dari menunaikan haji tahun ini apabila telah dijemput sebagai tetamu ke rumah Allah s.w.t setelah hampir 3 tahun membuat rayuan berturut-turut. Alhamdulillah, aku tumpang bersyukur dan gembira.  Walau ada sedikit risau dan sedih mengenangkan akan berjauhan dengan mereka selama 44hari. 

Pada tiap kali ku berdoa agar dijaga keselamatan dan kesihatan mereka disana. Lega rasa hati bila Mama Abah telefon menyampai khabar berita dari sana.  Sungguh, tiada yang lebih menggembirakan dari itu. Pernah hati rindu sehingga menitis airmata.  Pernah hati risau sehingga tidak tidur malam. Tapi kuasa Allah s.w.t itu Maha Besar, Dia Maha Mendengar.. Disetiap kali aku teringat Mama Abah, dikala itu juga mereka akan telefon bertanya khabar. MasyaAllah.. Hiba hati bila Allah s.w.t. sentiasa makbulkan doa dan mendengar rintihan hati kecil ini.

Alhamdulillah, Mama Abah selamat pergi dan pulang. Sepertimana sebelum pergi Mama Abah peluk ciumku erat, seperti itu diketika menyambut mereka pulang aku dipeluk dan dicium Mama Abah. Menitis airmata lagi bila Allah s.w.t menghantar mereka pulang dengan selamat. Syukur. 

Kini, sudah hampir 3 minggu Abah Mama pulang dengan gelaran baru, Haji Jamaludin dan Hajjah Soleha.

Welcome home, Mama Abah. 

p/s: Cantik tak Mama saya? =DD

Friday, December 30, 2011

Bicara Hati

Bila diri ini dihina, aku tunduk tersenyum walau hati pedih..

Bila diri ini dikeji, aku pejam mata biar tidak jatuh airmata ini..

Bila diri ini difitnah, aku pekakkan telinga supaya hati tak berkecai..

Bila diri ini diumpat, aku redha kerana percaya Allah lebih mengetahui..

Tiada rahsia bagaimana aku kekal kuat dan tabah walau hati sentiasa diuji, dilukai, diherdik, dimainkan..

Cuma airmata ini tidak akan jatuh atau dikongsi dengan yang tidak layak.

Itu janji pada diri ku sendiri.

Airmata ini cuma jatuh pabila aku sujud padaNya..

Airmata ini mengalir tanpa henti bila aku berdoa padaNya..

Airmata ini terlalu murah bila aku memohon padaNya..

Kerana aku percaya, Dia yang Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Mengasihani..

Hati ini tenang bila berbicara denganNya..

Hati ini kembali kuat walau airmata kering ketika merayu..

Dan jika ada yang mengata aku tidak punya hati, aku tersenyum..

Aku tak peduli..

Aku tak terluka...

Kerana aku tahu, hati ini hanya Dia yang mengerti..

Monday, December 26, 2011

Her Day

24hb yang lepas, sahabat baik dari sekolah menengah telah pun selamat melangsungkan majlis pertunangan ngan jejaka pilihan dari pantai timur, Kelantan. *ehem. mestilah hensem. =p

To my lovely Siti Rohaya, congrats sayang.. I'm so happy for you.. 

Semakin chantek cik Aya nie tau.. =DD

Me playing violin. Believe it or not? =p

Sebenarnya ada citer best disebalik violin nie.  Ktorg sume agak teruja bila nampak violin yg sgt old school dlm bilik Aya. Masing-masing sibuk tanya, "sape punya nie Aya?"

Aya ngan muka rilex jawab, "Ayah aku punya."

Lagi la membuat kami semua teruja. "Waaaah, ayah pandai main violin ea?? Dasat dasat.."

Aya ngan muka rilex lagi jawab, "Tak la. Dia tak pandai main pun. Dia panggil orang datang umah main utk dia."


Baju saya mengalahkan org yg bertunang..  Acane?

Sorg da selamat. Tgl lg 3. Guess who's next? *wink*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday Highlight

Since working, body has been trained to get awake early. Therefore, I can wake up as early as 8am on weekend! Damn.

Last Saturday morning, I awoke at 7.30am. Though am trying to close my eyes by intention to continue my sleep but it didn't work. So, I just stared blankly at the ceiling momentarily.

It took me some time to force myself got up from bed and took a shower. Then started to organize my schedule for the unexpected-much-Saturday which should be started with normal routine; Laundry and Brunch . The addition task is I need to go out to buy a Christmas gift (a requirement for upcoming office's party).

So, while am in the midst of ready myself to go out, I got a phone call from a good friend n asked to have lunch together. Since am a lone ranger, think it should be great if someone's accompany me. We met in Wangsa Walk (I hate to go to downtown mind you. especially on weekends. The traffic could drives me crazy! pfft) Am pretty much like solitude and not so into crowded places so, Wangsa Walk is d best choice at d moment. Plus it only takes 10mins to get there from my place. Easy much ha? teheee~ =DD

At first, I just planned to have lunch in their foodcourt (fyi, am broke! as stated in my last ENTRY, true, am broke.) But this good friend said he wanted to go to another place, his treat of course and it's in FULLHOUSE!!! mode: feeling dating KAHKAHKAH

To be frank, dat was my first time entered d restaurant. I got so excited and gleesome *ogey, dat's sounds so jakun. ahaks. I'm so in love with the concept and decoration. There are elements of vintage and garden theme to make it such a perfect place for a date. *wink* Ogey, here's the thing, since am no good in explanation, pictures will do better. *cara org malas nk describe panjang-panjang. ngehngehngeh~ =p

Here's d menu. But I call it catalog.
Hey, they r not only have drinks and meals listing inside but they have for apparel as well.   

Home feelings

Souvenir to sell 

You may like their dress, shoes, handbags, shades and much more!
And their meals are not dat bad. You should try, really. 

Credit to: My good friend a.k.a. mr-not-smoke-when-with-me. heee~ =DD You are super cool and gentleman dude! Thanks for the treat, thanks for your favor, thanks for the debate, and thanks for the day, of course. I had a great time with you. *hugs*

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Star Wars Wedding Theme

I can't stop laughing and smiling when I read email from Creative Group Head, Brother Shiraz. This is so unfreakinbelieavable tellin you!!

Light saber as hantaran
Am not sure where they found this. lol
The reception
Darth vader jd head of pengiring. kahkahkah
As what I can recall, never know the existence of  that red  character in Star Wars. ngee~
And here you go, the wedding cake. Awesome! 

Though I think that was madness but still I adore them damn much! Memang salute habis la cos they are so daring to choose Star Wars theme for their wedding. Kalau nk buat keja gile pun fikir byk kali kot. Once in lifetime ogey.  But I believe they must be Star Wars die-hard-fan. hehe.. Neway, you guys rock!!

p/s:  Entri kedua pasal kawen. Sesuatu sgt. =p

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dream Wedding Dress

Frankly speaking, I never watch Twilight. Yes. I follow and watch none of them. Just simply the genre doesn't fit me. Am not interested in that kind of story though it has be a trend in today's Universe.

However, I got so fascinated with the wedding dress that Bella wore in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. It is so beautiful and unique. I do love the view of the dress both from front and rear. It brings two characters from the dress itself. If we look from front; the bridal looks so innocent and modest with full-length lace-trimmed sleeves. While from rear view; it simply gorgeous and bring the sexy-back element with the cut-out-illusion and buttons on the center of the dress that runs down to the hemline, seemingly tracing the body's contour. Let's check this out!

Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Front View
Rear View

Owh, my... faint everytime look at this wedding dress. Can I have one? =DD

Okay, motif citer baju kawen??

Weekends Buzz

As I remembered, my last time had manicure and pedicure session was two months ago when I tagged Aida along. Since then, I hardly have time to indulge myself due to work demand. 

So, I promise myself to;
  1. Have mani n pedi session
  2. Shop in Juicy Couture
  3. Get Fossil watch
  4. Look over my car
  5. Grab a book
Proudly to tell that am successfully made it! *Only for mani & pedi and a new book. =.=

What happened to the rest?

Apparently, I need to forget them. Cos money that I planned to use for all listed above has been used to buy new cell phone. sigh sigh sigh. My phone has been stolen. Damn.

The good thing is: It's a wake up call for me to be more-extra-cautious with people whenever step out from home.

The bad thing is: Am officially broke! f**k

So, that's how I end my tragically November. pffft.

Hello December
*please be good to me*

We all know current phenomenon is Ombak Rindu. I read the novel when I was in form 3. Right finished the novel, am hoping that someone will film the story. Surprisingly, someone did!! Tell me how I can miss to watch it??? I wanna watch it badly. SO BAD.

And December? Just like November, they didn't treat me well!!! I missed to watch Ombak Rindu last weekend. Full House. Full House. Full House. Front Sit. DAMN.

In order to chill myself up, together with ms Bestie, YaT, we spend the whole day chit-chatting and cam-whoring. teheee~ =DD Nothing could treat me better than that. *wink*

And yeah, not to forget.. Shopping as well. ngeee~ 

Thought am saying dat I'm broke rite? Yes, am broke but I juz can't help myself from catch this gorgeous stiletto! DAMN HOT!

This time is for real;