Sunday, September 25, 2011

Movie for laugh

Salam and hello angels!!

So, what are u all up to this weekend? Hope you guys having a great time. *wink*

But if you are not so lucky, which having a bad day during weekend, don't be sad aite? Just laugh! Then you will be okay. * tp jgn gelak for no reason lak. pelik owg tgk nti.. LOL

Do u noe yg gelak / ketawa tue is really good for our health? Well it is actually a strong medicine for mind and body. See wat I've got from reliable sources; 
  1. Laughter relaxes the whole body: Whenever we laugh, it's actually help to relieves physical tension and stress. Secara tak langsung otot kte relax for up to 45 minutes after. *mungkin berkesan utk awet muda jugak.. =DD
  2. Laughter boosts the immune system:  Ble gelak ia dpt mengurangkan hormon stress dan menaikkan sel immune dan antibody melawan penyakit > sekaligus meningkatkan tahap daya ketahanan terhadap penyakit.
  3. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins (sejenis kimia semulajadi yg baek dlm badan): Akan membantu badan merasa sihat dan melegakan kesakitan walau sekejap. 
  4. Laughter protects the heart: Ketawa boleh memperbaiki fungsi saluran darah dan meningkatkn aliran darah - yg bole melindungi kte daripada serangan jantung dan lain2 masalah kardiovaskular. 
In dat case, let's laugh!! LOL

But as I mentioned before, jgn la gelak for no reason kn.. Bole mengundang keraguan pd owg luar.. tehehee~  =DD

I have a suggestion for you to laugh *tahap berdekah-dekah* , go and watch Johnny English Reborn!! Am sure you guys will feel damn good. Sumpah kelakar ogey cter nie.. Though, yes, some might said it's a stupid joke but who cares! As long as kte bole gelak n release tension, it's more than enuf wat? kn kn kn?? huhu.. 

 After all, it's Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean kowt!!! Tgk mke beliau pown bole mencetus rasa geli hati. kahkahkah. 

Am I right? =p

Watched Johnny English Reborn with bestie, Aida. :)
It's in Alamanda
BFF; Aida *wink*

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Career Talk

Salam and haie pretties.. :))

Hope everyone has a good day, everyday in this Syawal. Me is still in the remnants of Raya holiday. (p/s: sila jeles) tehehee~ =DD  

You must be thinking why am I is still in holiday, aite? Da jd grape(r) aka penganggur setia kah? lolol

Alright, ingat lg x ngan diz ENTRY

Which when I stepped down as a Marketing Executive? 

So, lots of people and friends especially been wondering what's actually I'm doing after stopped working. Cos am totally switching to d hiatus mode in blogging. And "been busy" is the only excuse after all. ngee~

What really happened to me is right after I stepped down (in the same day), I terus start a new work. And it is actually more than work. It calls "do what I love to do."  LMAO 

Okay. Sorry for the puzzle. (^_^)v

Well, I'm helping relative's business, technically. Literally, I'm more like a promoter. kahkahkah. 

Working from 10 to 10 is tiring. And friends who knew wat I'm doing, they tend to look down on me and some of them are sympathy (??) hahaha.. Maybe in their thoughts, "alahai~ jadi promoter jew?? mesti gaji ciput nieh. Kejew pown kt shopping complex jew. "    PFFFFFFFFFT.

And y I'm saying like dat? Cos some of my friends, who met me in my workplace have been avoiding me! Fine. At least I noe who's real friend now. PFFFFFFFFFFT.

Neah, I am not being small hearted with them. Am not. Noe y? Cos I know I do wat I love to do and part of dat my pay is more than them. HAHAHA. Am not talking crap. C'mon la, u work with ur diploma n get RM1400+ per month, suda mao berlagak ble tgk aku kejew promoter? HELL-O ~ I get RM3000+ per month ogey! It's business anyway. Business is always can make money.  *maaf suda bongkak sekejap. Am juz too upset. Dat's all.

Enough said. 

Since I see the potential in business, I've decided to do my own business. Juz imagine, I bwu jew jd staff pown managed to get 3K per month, wat if I open my own business? Surely I'll get more honey!! So, I told my parents I wanna do my own business and they agreed. Mao x setuju, my parents, Mama especially mmg darah business. She's been in business line for ages. So, of course die setuju + happy ble I told her I wanna do business. Siap tolong I daftar perniagaan lagi. Now, I have my own company, EsDean Ent. *wink*

Es is actually 'S' which stands for my name Syuhada.
And Dean is Din. My dad's name is JamaluDIN.

Some said, I'm juz being too ambitious. Some said, I'm too young to do business. Whereas I find myself is getting closer to my dream! Be a businesswoman at young age n get RICH baby!!  \m/ (n_n) \m/

So, the basic plan is to focus on my business after Raya. But apparently, the plan need to be changed! sigh.

Cos I got the job offer from one of the most largest advertising agency brands in the world, Dentsu after went to their interview session. I've been assigned to be as Media & Marketing Executive. (say YAAAAY!)

Before the interview session. tehee~ =DD
*Aida accompanied me

Dentsu is actually an advertising agency from Japan. It's a well-known, well-established and huge name in advertising agency brands aside from Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, O&M, etc. Those who are in advertising line know how cool it is to join all these big agencies. And Me? How to say 'NO' to Dentsu??? 

Interested to know more? Click HERE

Am going to start working on this coming September 15th. Wish me luck dolls!! (^_*)

**Business??? I need to hold it first. Then we see how it goes in the future aite?! =DD

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eid Mubarak

I can say that almost every year my family will celebrate Raya in my dad's hometown. Raya in Kedah is always awesome where you can see kids playing bunga api n burn fireworks. I love to watch them but to join, neaaaah~ fikir byk kali ogey. Sgt penakut ngan api. (^_^)v

I only arrived in kampung on the eve of Eid with Abang and Uncle's family. Malam tue jugak ble ktowg da smpai Mama Abah ajak g Pekan Rabu beli few things lg.. Blk jew dr shopping, I continue iron baju raya family lak. Since we have lots of people in the house so takut kne queue lak nk iron keesokkan pagi. Akibatnyew, I only got my sleep less than 4 hours. 

On the 1st Syawal, we didn't go beraya as much as years before (me especially just stayed indoor most of the time cos sibok cover tdo yg x ckup. hehe) We went to take a family photo in the morning then parents went to beraya with aunties and uncles. 

Syawal 1: Heading to take a family photo

The Dean's : All white :))

Syawal 2: Red Kebaya 

Syawal 3: Open house @ Anim's
From left: Ju, YaT, Me n Anim
My fwen commented on a picture in my FB saying dat YaT n I look like a twin!  hehe..

With Ms Hanim Amron

Am simply a busy woman. teheee~ :p

From left: Aniem, Me, Tirah & Ju

Syawal 4: Kepala terteleng-teleng posing punya pasal. ngee~

p/s:  On the 31st August, we did a surprise birthday party for Mama. Too bad can't upload the picture since it was a surprise party so, Mama only wore nighty. Not nice la kn.. ngee~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holy Month in Cover

Salam everyone.. A bit sad when I can't blog as frequent as before.. I missed to blog during holy month, Ramadhan. So, in that case I nk cover blk! buahahaha.. 

Ogey, I know it's kinda annoying n totally lems! Org da raya I baru nk cter pasal bulan puasa. But who cares?! Nk cter jugak. teheeheee~ =DD

No worries, am not going to let u guys nyampah smpai muntah ijau baca entry lapuk. Juz gonna share some pictures. Fair enough aite? *wink*

Sebulan berpuasa, cuma 2 kali je sempat berbuka ngan old friends n bestie, Aida.. But the best part is when I could spend almost half of a month kt uma.. So, dpt b'buka ngan family terchenta. (^_^)

Break fast with my old friends

So, it's bowling time!!

Sorry. Not my expertise. pffft. 
Few days before Raya, I went out with Aida. Brought her to shop Raya and also had a manicure. She's so happy with her fingernails after mani. Chummel! =DD

She fond her fingernails so much. ngee~
Treated her in Nasi Ayam Penyet, my fave. ;))